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Bite Size Information that's not Fake news?

Short and easy information that can help you to understand the new world of online business.

What make a site a site?

Responsive Site + SEO + online ads.

Without these elements, the site is just an electronic brochures without audience and eyeballs.

Do you know that a domain could cost thousands of dollars?

Here are, to this date the most expensive domain name.

  • $4000 per year domain ( .security, .protection, .cars, .auto, .inc )

Can you ever get a free website?

Believe it or not, Yes. You must first list your business with GMB (Google My Business) listing. When you have completed updating all the information about your business into GMB and most importantly, get it verified, you are set you go. Your business name will be the website address. Although it is free monetarily, you are officially "married" to Google. You can posts but you can't decide what not to be posted, Google does.

What is the purpose of a website?

Before you even start engaging an agency to build you website or wanting to build one on your own, stop and ask yourself these;

  • Why do I need a website?

  • Who do I serve with this website?

  • How can I reach this customers with this website.

Has COVID changed the browsing habit?

Yes, we have seen sturdy increase in desktop browsing. As people are working from home more and with better time management at hand, more are turning to desktop as the primary device. It is a good idea to review your desktop setup and update your operation hours and services.

Date: 11 Aug2020

How to turn the table around during this pandemic?

  1. Re-invent your business through digitisation; go online and explore business app.

  2. Update your business using Google My Business (GMB). Social Distancing forces people to go online. They want to know if their favourite business is still in business. Be there, and ready to post update to keep your customers informed about your new offers.

  3. This is the best time to established online communication with your customers be it through Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Website, IG and even blog.

Date: 15 Aug 2020

What is the purpose of being online & SEO?

To share information. These information that you are sharing ... ... yes, yes... in your website/blog/IG/FB etc, etc.. and the way that the information are organised is called SEO.

Date: 16 Aug 2020

What is bounce rate?

Bounce rates = indicate if someone, somehow, landed on your page and exit almost immediately without even browsing. If you are monitoring the site performance, focus on reducing the bounce rate to at least 50% and below. Lower bounce rates mean that you have attracted the right visitors to your site. Don't worry about the drop in visitor numbers as you improve your site SEO. You are on the right track in attracting the right visitors to your site.

Date: 3 Sep 2020

Who the site is designed for?

When you come across a designer that design a site not for you but for your clients, you got the right one. A website is never designed for personal consumption, it's designed for your clients.

Date: 9 Sep 2020

Why should you have a website for your business ?

A website is part of an investment instrument portfolio for your business. You assets is the traffic that comes to your site that can be translated into potential purchases and customers loyalty. It better than money in financial investments. The value of website will not change with the market.

Date: 12 Sep 2020